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The Facts

The Facts

Wherever and whenever people want to consume music and entertainment; we're there online.

Our target audience is 40 year olds upwards which is a compelling reason to make us part of your advertising mix. These consumers traditionally have a high disposable income, a discerning attitude and we make it our business to impress them on a day to day basis.

Our listeners are the decision makers in life, but still fun loving and risk taking. We're in their homes, their workplace, their cars and their heads - and we can get your message out to them.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Radio is the fastest growing medium, with its 12.5% growth putting it ahead of the entire market - including the Internet.
  • 88% of adults regularly listen to the radio every week, with 63% of all listening now done via a digital or online platform.
  • 68% of listening is done in the home, whilst 64% of people consume radio on the move and 22% in the office.
  • 32% of adults (and 44% of under 25's) actively engage with their radio station online, primarily through social media.

(Source: RAJAR, Q4 Release, 2018)

The Station

The Station

Radio Liverpool is an Internet Station based in the UK with a worldwide listenership.

When you look around the marketplace, you'll find a lot of radio stations are 'networked' - that means they broadcast to a lot of areas of the UK, under the guise of a 'local' station, but do so from a central base.

By 2021, the three largest commercial brands in the UK will each produce just three hours of radio per day from their studios outside London and we don't reckon that's good enough.

We broadcast online to a potential audience reach of over 322,796 adults UK and worldwide source 2019 national statistics ) also worldwide to a truly international audience.

The other big difference with us, is that the revenue we make goes back into the station. From the technical infrastructure to developing our team and online creativity.

We're certainly not playing at radio - our DJ's have worked across local and Europe radio and for some of the biggest commercial radio brands in the UK. Others have almost two decades of experience in their field and they bring that expertise to the floor day in, day out.

The Benefits

The Benefits

By advertising with us, you're not only promoting your company, you are investing your money to a great target audience.

We want to help small and large businesses when times are hard rather than just giving another platform exclusively to big brands. If you fit that criteria, we have some great deals for you.

Talk To Us

Talk To Us

Find out what we can offer. It's only a question - you're not committing to anything and we're not going to try and sell you 6 years of advertising when you only want 6 months!

E-mail us at and we'll be more than happy to have a chat! let us know the basics of what you your business is about and we will construct a campaign to suit including on air, social media and links on our website

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