Denis Devlin

Denis Devlin

Q & A's

Let's ask Denis a few questions.

What is your favourite food?

  • As my mum was born in Sicily I love pasta and fish dishes

What is your favourite drink?

  • As daft as this sounds especially considering I'm a Glaswegian I don't actually drink so I'd have to say coffee a bit too much coffees I think

What is your favourite pastime?

  • I love doing what I do so it's also my past time however I also play guitar

What is your first record bought?

  • The first 45 I bought was actually Kim Wilde were the kids in America. However my first real album was Pink Floyd - wish you we here

What is your favourite thing to relax?

  • I love to travel I've been to just about every country in Europe at least once and lucky to say I've been to brazil Argentina in South America and Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston
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